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Shipping & Returns



3-5 Working Days in UK - £3.95

1-2 Working Days in UK - £5.95

International - £25.00


H&C will accept Returns up to 7 days after items are Received. Items must be returned unworn, in new condition and in the original packaging. Please contact me in advance of returning the item, so that I can give you the correct returns address. We recommend that Recorded Delivery is the chosen Returns Method, as Refunds will not be given to Lost items. Earrings are non refundable due to hygiene reasons.

Lost/Delayed Postal Items

In accordance to Royal Mail Regulations on lost mail, UK Items can only be considered lost after 15 days. International mail is 25 days. As such, we would ask you kindly to be patient and wait for this time to elapse before requesting a refund or replacement. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this, Please contact me directly and I will do my best to help.

Jewellery Care

Although all the products are of the finest craftsmanship and quality it is important to remember that jewellery is delicate so to ensure that it stays in the best possible condition we advise the following care: Remove jewellery when bathing, showering or swimming as water and chemicals (especially chlorine) can affect the longevity of the gold plating or encourage silver to tarnish. Please note Gold plated items will wear over time. Chemicals in make-up, hair spray, scent and moisturisers can also affect the beauty and shine of your jewellery, so apply these before wearing your jewellery.
After wearing your jewellery you gently wipe each piece with a soft cloth, which will remove makeup and skin oils. Please take care to store your jewellery separately so that it does not get entangled, damaged or scratched by other pieces. If possible store your jewellery in its original packaging or wrap it in acid free-tissue paper and place it in a sturdy jewellery box or airtight container.
Storing jewellery in plastic bags will not protect your jewellery from impact and it can lead to condensation, which may harm metal surfaces, damage gemstones and cause pearls to lose their lustre.

Clothing & Accessories Care

Please Follow Care and Washing Label instructions very carefully. Should you have any concerns please contact us to purchasing to discuss.